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Dongguan Bofa Lighting Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer located in Qishi Town, Dongguan City China, it is about 60KM away from Shenzhen and about 80KM away from Guangzhou. We are very close to Highway, and High-Speed railway station which is Dongguan Station, it is about 30 Minutes to Shenzhen or Guangzhou by train. Very convenient transportation! Dongguan Bofa Lighting Co.,Ltd professionally produce all kinds of Vintage Edison Light Bulbs and Edison Led Bulbs , has more than 20 years Vintage Edison Light Bulbs and Incandescent Bulbs manufacturing experience! They also develop and manufacture special designed Driver(power) for Led Edison Bulbs, because the driver is most important to Led bulbs, so they can totally control the quality of the Edison Led Bulbs!


The Edison Led Bulbs is rather hot in all over the world! due to innovative design,good quality,various choice,etc. 1. 100% sapphire substrate filament which is the best solution for the filament in the market. 2. Special designed constant current High quality Dimming driver! 3. Various base for different markets:E27/E26/B22/E12/E14/B15D/E40/E17 4. Various type A55/A60/A19/A21/A23/A25/A150/A200/A250;C7/C32/C35/C35;T20/T25/T45/T30/T32/T38;S35/ST38/ST48/ ST45/ST58/ST64;G45/G80/G95/G125/G150/G200/G250;Diamond Bulbs;R50/R63/R80,etc 5. Various Glass Finishing: Clear,Frosted,Smoked, Amber,Milky,Gloden,Silver,Reflector cover. 6. Filament Length options: 2cm, 4cm and 6cm. 7. Color Temperature: 2200K, 2500K, 2700K, 6000K. (The 2200K emits same warm light with vintage tungsten halogen bulbs and Incandescent bulbs.)


Dongguan Bofa Lighting Co.,Ltd has about 320 workers, 6 engineers, 15 QC staff, 5 automatic assembling lines, covers over 3000 Square meters of factory! Has Optical Spectrum Instrument, Automatic Life Testing Instrument, Glass shade producing Line, Filament Led Testing Instrument, Droping Testing machine and so on. Dongguan Bofa Lightinig Co.,Ltd OEM and ODM for many Famous brand of Lighting company in the world, they give us praise for our Stable and Consistent quality control and Fast delivery! We have CE,ROHS,FCC,IEC,C-Tick and some other certificates for our Edison Led Bulbs and Vintage Edison Light Bulbs.

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